Worlds End at Moon Plains

Moon Plains ( also known as Sandatanne, Sandagalatanne) is the latest attraction open to public in Nuwara Eliya. This area is now classified as an Agricultural and Environmental Tourism Zone by the Municiple of Nuwara Eliya and was declared opened in 25th March 2014.The plains is located few kilometers off Nuwara Eliya town and is accessed passing the the Government Potato seed Farm at Sita Eliya.The main attraction of Moon Plains is the mini Worlds End at the edge giving a 360 Degree view of the surrounding peaks and towns. The plains is home to Elk, wild buffaloes, dear and many types of birds. This area is also  visited by leopards.To access the moon plains worlds end take the road to the Government Potato Seed Farm at Nuwara Eliya on the upper lake road. Else drive along Lake Gregory main road and turn off at Magastota (tiny junction) to get to the Potato Farm.Pass the farm and continue on the newly constructs road to the plains.The plains is open from 7 AM to 5 PM all seven days. A ticket costs Rs 50 per person for a local and Rs 250 per foreigner.Till 1990’s moon plain was a 400m long and 30-40 meter deep valley which was a part of 5.8ha catchment.  Nuwara Eliya municipal council used 2.0ha from the 5.8ha catchment as the open dump site to dispose all the garbage collected from Nuwara Eliya.  In 2003, it was converted in to a level 3 type sanitary landfill with the help of JICA foundation.