Sigiriya is at times claimed to be the 'eighth wonder in the world'. When many talk of the city of Sigiriya, they’re usually referring to its ancient Rock Fortress as this mass of 600 ft rock was actually presumed a city in itself. Its King, Kasyapa (477-495AD) reigned from this fortress, which was also his palace, ornamented with what was believed to be over 500 frescoes of women. These, have now faded, however a few are still visible on parts of the rock faces.  Other sites along the climb up to the Rock’s summit include ancient moats, walkways, ruins of what once used to be gardens or courtyards, ponds and stairwells. The ascent begins at an entrance way through a large carving of a lion; the remnants of its stone paws clearly noticeable. There are  corridors that lead to glimpses of giant worn frescoes, and at the summit or Sky palace, smaller ruins.  Take the Colombo-Katunayaka expressway and follow through to Minuwangoda and then towards Kurunegala… Sigiriya is accessible there on. Another way is via Kandy. 

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