Galway’s Land National Park

Previously known mostly as a wildlife sanctuary and then declared as a National Park in 2006, Galway’s Land National Park is one of Sri Lanka’s newest National Parks. Though also one of the smallest parks, it is home to a significant number of animals and birds and is considered an important bird watching site as it was declared as a conserve to the montane ecosystem. The 57 hectare park is located within the city limits of Nuwara Eliya and is frequented both by locals and tourists alike. Walking through the lush green park is an experience by itself, with thousands of looming trees and flowers blossoming around you. If you enjoy bird watching, this is the place for you! Prepare yourself by wearing comfortable clothes (as you will be walking quite a bit) and maybe even equip yourself with a pair of binoculars for a close look! Don’t forget your cameras, as this is something you want to capture and cherish. These trees are also home to over 20 species of birds including rarely seen birds that are native to Sri Lanka as well as foreign birds. You can also see migrant birds and endemic birds soaring above you while others can be seen nesting and feeding their young. In addition to the birds, you can also observe many valuable tree species along with various colourful flowers and blossoms at the Galway’s Land National Park. With plenty of beautiful scenery, luscious greenery and countless birds and wildlife around, this is an amazing place and definitely worth a visit! Recommended for bird enthusiasts and what’s more, this could also be a fun trip if you are travelling with family and small children. 

Nuwara Eliya 22200

 Galway’s Land National Park

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