Colombo Light House

Colombo Lighthouse is a Lighthouse in Colombo in Sri Lanka and it is operated and maintained by the Sri Lanka Ports Authority. It is located at Galbokka Point south of the Port of Colombo on the waterfront along the marine drive, in Colombo fort.The lighthouse was built in 1952 after the Old Colombo Lighthouse was deactivated when its light became obscured by nearby buildings as part of the Colombo Harbor Expansion project. It was opened by Rt Hon D.S. Senanayake the first prime minister of Ceylon. Built on a concrete base which is 12 meters high it has four statues of lions at its base.Due to the panoramic view of the Indian Ocean it offered, it became on city landmark. With the escalation of the Sri Lankan Civil War public access to the site was restricted. This was due to its placement in a high security zone as it is across the street from the Naval Headquarters and close proximity of the Port of Colombo.