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Weera Puran Appu

Moratuwa, Sri Lanka.


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Veera Puran Appu

Born        :    Veerahennedige Francisco Fernando
                    November 7, 1812
                    Uyana, Moratuwa, Western Province, Kingdom of Kandy

Died        :    August 8, 1848 (aged 35)[1]
                    Bogambara grounds, Kandy, Central Province, British Ceylon

Cause of death    :    Executed by the British by firing squad

Residence    :    Ratnapura, Sabaragamuwa Province

Nationality    :    Sri Lankan

Other names    :    Puran Appu
                            Francisco Fernando

Ethnicity    :    Sinhalese

Occupation    :    Political, Economic and Social revolutionary

Known for    :    A leader in the Rebellion of 1848

Home town    :    Moratuwa, Western Province, Sri Lanka

Height        :    5ft 7½ inches

Spouse(s)    :    Bandaramenike (1847)

Children    :    One daughter[3]

Parents        :    Kalistoru Fernando (Father)
                         Madam Helena (Mother)

Relatives    :    Marcellenus Fernando (Uncle)
                      Gunnepana Arachchi (Father in Law)

Weerahennadige Francisco Fernando alias Puran Appu (Sinhala:පුරන් අප්පු) is one of the notable personalities in Sri Lanka's history. He was born on November 1812 in the coastal town of Moratuwa. He left Moratuwa at the age of 13 and stayed in Ratnapura with his uncle, who was the first Sinhalese proctor, and moved to the Uva province. In early 1847, he met and married Bandara Menike, the daughter of Gunnepana Arachchi in Kandy. He was captured by the British after the failure of Matale Rebellion along with Gongalegoda Banda and Ven. Kudapola Thera. He was executed by a firing squad on August 8, 1848. His body barred in Matale.


Weera Puran Appu - Memorial

Weera Puran Appu - Memorial

Weera Puran Appu - Stamp

Weera Puran Appu - Stamp