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Colombo District - Postal Codes

Grade 1 to 11 government school text books download


Download government school books. grade 1 to grade 11 all text books available for download in sinhala, english and tamil medium.

Emergency Telephone Numbers in Sri Lanka


Telephone companies / telephone area code nos. / emergency service's telephone numbers

Transportation Services in Sri Lanka


The easiest mode of transport around sri lanka is by trishaw, or commonly known as three–wheeler. a large number of three–wheelers operate on the roads and are easily available. as price bartering is widespread, agree on a rate before starting your journey working on a rough guide of about rs. 30/- a mile in towns and make sure the driver has a clear idea of your destination.taxis are good value for longer journeys and operate on set charges.

National Holidays


Sri lanka has more public holidays than anywhere else in the world. the most common holiday is poya day, which occurs every full moon. no alcohol is served and entertainment is restricted.

Food and Drink in Sri Lanka


Rice and curry and curry are the staple food of sri lanka. the western nationals might prefer curry and little rice, but sri lankans need lot of rice and several curries of which one will be hot. not all curries are spicy hot, but if the name carries “devilled”, as in devilled fish or devilled chicken, it will be served with a flame red chilli sauce.

Local Customs and Laws in Sri Lanka


“ayubowan” (may you have a long life) is the traditional welcome greeting among the sinhalese, with the hands folded upwards in front of the chest. you should respond with the same gesture. this same gesture accompanies the word “vannakkam” among tamils.

Language and Religion in Sri Lanka


Sinhala, tamil and english are the official languages in sri lanka. sinhala, a language of indo–aryan origin, is the language of the majority. place names and sign–boards on buses and trains are usually in all three languages. sri lanka is a land of religious freedom and tolerance

Economy of Sri Lanka


Sri lanka is mainly an agricultural country. the chief crop is rice with which the country is almost self–sufficient. tea, rubber and coconut are also important agricultural crops with tea being a major foreign exchange earner.

Government of Sri Lanka


The democratic socialist republic of sri lanka is a free, independent and sovereign nation. a system of administration through provincial councils was introduced in 1988. legislative power is exercised by the parliament, elected by universal franchise on a proportional representation basis. executive power of the people, including defence, is exercised by the president who is also elected by the people.

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