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Ampara, Hingurana, Sri Lanka.


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From 2016-08-06 to 2016-08-07 [10.00AM onwards ]

Event details

This is a Special Stage Rally which follows the format of APRC (Asia Pacic Rally Championship).It is hoped that this event will lay the foundation for organizing a ‘leg’ of the APRC in Sri Lanka.

Most rallies follow the same basic itinerary. This starts with a ‘reconnaissance’ where driver and co-driver practise the route, at limited speed, to make pace notes. It is followed by ‘shakedown’ – a full speed test of their rally car – with the competition proper.

Because rallies go on for more than one day, competitors visit a ‘service park’ at pre-determined points to allow technicians to perform mechanical work on each car. Service time is strictly limited, with each stop being either 10, 30 or 45 minutes.At the end of each day’s competition, cars are held in a secure parc ferme. Away from the service park, only the driver and co-driver can work on their car, using only tools and spare parts carried on board.

Time penalties are applied if visits to the service park exceed the allotted time. Penalties are also given to competitors who arrive late at stage starts, or any other check-points throughout the event. The crew that completes all the stages in the shortest time is the winner.

Overall Class;

-Rally Classes
- SL-H Cars 1600CC
- Ford Laser/ Mazda up to 1500CC
- T & J up to 3000cc (Non-Turbo)
- Best Junior Driver
- SL-GT Cars up to 3000cc
- SL-E Nissan March One Make
- Classic Cars
- T & J Open
- Best Lady Driver-


Opening of entries 05th July 2016
Close of entries 19th July 2016
Reconnaissance run 05th August 2016
Rally - Special Stages 06th & 07th August 2016
& Super Special Stages