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Department of Immigration & Emigration

Overseas Missions Passport Applications

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Organisation: Department of Immigration & Emigration

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overseas missions branch

a sri lankan citizen can apply for a new passport or passport renewal, while he is in another country, through the sri lankan mission in that country or in the nearest country (where a sri lankan misssion is not available in the resident country). these applications are processed by the overseas missions branch at immigration head office

contact persons/details
assistant controller - mr. a. g. nishantha
tel 5329030 ext 9030
fax 2674671
email acom[at]immigration.gov.lk

how to submit applications through overseas sri lankan missions:

documents required: see issue of passports.

applicable fees for applications logged at sri lankan missions abroad.
see circulars below,

  • om/04/2010
  • om/02b/2010
  • om/02/2009

supportive services

certification service

how can i get certification of a copy of the main data page of a passport ?
certification service is provided by the overseas missions branch of department of immigration and emigration.

what are the documents required to obtain this service ?
original passport and the copies to be certified

what are the fees applicable for this service ?
lkr 250.00 for the first copy
lkr 500.00 if more than one copy (up to 3 copies can be certified)

translation service
an arabic translation of the main page data and related endorsements is provided at the overseas missions branch at department of immigration & emigration.

what is the procedure for obtaining a translation of my passport ?
applicant must present him/her self at the head office of the department of immigration & emigration with his/her passport.

what is the fee applicable for this service ?
lkr 1000.00 per passport translation

organization information

department of immigration & emigration

ananda rajakaruna mawatha,
colombo 10,
sri lanka.

ms. m. u. i. alahakoon
fax nos:+94-11-2674621
website: www.immigration.gov.lk