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Muslim Aid Sri Lanka

No. # 9/2 , Cooray Place, Edirigoda Road, Nugegoda, Sri Lanka.


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Given the nature of the problems Sri-Lanka has to grapple with, the challenges for the humanitarian agencies are many. The ethno-religious, tropical, socio -political conditions of Sri Lanka in particular warrants that a variety of approaches needs to be utilised in implementing projects. However, not all the agencies are able to work freely amongst the different communities across the country. Muslim Aid has approached these challenges with its open policy of serving humanity and filling the gap, in particular providing a facilitation role for relief and rehabilitation efforts particularly in areas with multi-ethnic compositions. Muslim Aid has also quickly realised that Sri-Lanka provides an opportunity and hope for rebuilding an embattled country in the path of peace and human respect, and experience thus gained may help to develop an early warning system for other countries that might in the future slip into problems similar to that of Sri-Lanka. Hence Muslim Aid Sri-Lanka Field Office (MASL) has developed its programs aimed at:- Providing humanitarian assistance where assistance is needed Providing long term development and community empowerment Facilitating logistics for other agencies wanting to reach out to people in need Encouraging cross cultural dialogue and understanding that will contribute to rekindling human values of equality, justice and fair play in everyday life Serving as a field laboratory to train Muslim Aid field staff for worldwide assignments (as Sri-Lanka presents all possible hazardous situations) and staff of other agencies.