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Ministry of Traditional Industries and Small Enterprise Development

No. 780, Maradana Road, Colombo 10 (Panchikawatte, Maradana), Sri Lanka.


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The Ministry of Traditional Industries and Small Enterprise Development was established in terms of the provisions published in the Extra Ordinary Gazette dated 30th April 2010. According to this Gazette notification the powers, duties and functions of this ministry are mentioned below.

Formulation of policies, programmes and projects to promote traditional industries and small enterprises development and all subjects that come under the purview of departments and statutory institutions attached to the ministry listed below, on the basis of Mahinda Chintana-vision for the future and any other overall National Policies that may be adopted by the government.
Direction of the implementation of such policies, programmes and projects with a view to achieving the relevant national objectives within time lines agreed with the national planning authorities and within budgeted resources.
Provision of all public services that come under the purview of the ministry in an efficient and people friendly manner.
Reforming all systems and procedures to ensure the conduct of business in an efficient manner deploying modern management techniques and technology where applicable while eliminating corruption and waste.
Development, marketing and export promotion of handicrafts.
Development and Dissemination of creative market oriented designs for the handicrafts sector.
Promotion, financing and sponsoring of small and medium enterprises.
Conducting of exhibitions and trade fairs for the promotion of Sri lanka crafts products.
Promotion of Entrepreneurial activities at the small and medium level.
Development and promotion of Palmyrah industry.